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Innovative Solutions for Structural Evaluation and Geotechnical Investigation
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Bridge Inspection and Monitoring

FPrimeC also offers cost-effective and reliable non-destructive testing solutions to assess the structural and durability performance of existing bridge and culvert structures. Our solutions can be used to detect deteriorated area, predict the extent of damages, and determine the as-built details of materials and structural components.

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Corrosion Monitoring

FPrimeC Solutions offer advanced non-destructive testing methods for corrosion monitoring for bridge structures, parking garages, industrial facilities, and other structures. FPrimeC uses advanced wireless portable system for effective monitoring and measurement of corrosion probability (likelihood of corrosion), corrosion rate, and surface electrical resistivity of concrete from the surface.

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Foundation and Pile Testing

FPrimeC Solutions offer advanced non-destructive testing methods for the assessment of pile integrity. The test methods can be either applied to existing concrete piles (where no structural documentation is available), or as a means of quality control for newly constructed piles.

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Concrete Imaging and Scanning

FPrimeC Solutions provides cost-effective, and rapid Ground Penetrating Radar scanning for sub-surface evaluation and mapping of concrete elements. Our services can help clients with locating steel rebar in concrete bridge decks, as well as locating ducts, and conduits in different depths.

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FPrimeC Solutions is a technology company specialized in the design and development of advanced NDT solutions for cost-effective evaluation of infrastructure.

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i.Pile™ | Wireless Pile Integrity Testing Device by FPrimeC Solutions.

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