Half Cell Corrosion Potential Mapping

Half Cell Corrosion Mapping for Concrete

Half Cell corrosion mapping is an effective method for assessing the severity of corrosion activity in concrete structures. It is the most well-known procedure to identify the likelihood of active corrosion; however, the test does not provide any information about the kinetics of corrosion activity. The easy and cost-effective procedure of the test makes it popular Read more about Half Cell Corrosion Mapping for Concrete[…]

ultrasonic testing of concrete

Ultrasonic Testing of Concrete

Ultrasonic Pulse Velocity (UPV) is an effective non-destructive testing (NDT) method for quality control of concrete materials, and detecting damages in structural components. The UPV methods have traditionally been used for the quality control of materials, mostly homogeneous materials such as metals and welded connections. With the recent advancement in transducer technology, the test has Read more about Ultrasonic Testing of Concrete[…]

NDT methods for Scanning Concrete Bridge Decks

What is the future of bridge deck scanning? What is beyond traditional scanning methods such as chain dragging? This article briefly describes application of NDT methods for scanning concrete bridge decks. Regular monitoring and maintenance of concrete bridge decks is a challenging task. The Inspection and monitoring of concrete bridge decks using traditional chain dragging Read more about NDT methods for Scanning Concrete Bridge Decks[…]