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Quality Control of Concrete Piles in Montreal

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Quality Control of Piles

Quality Control of Concrete Piles in Montreal, Quebec


The Problem

FPrimeC was retained by customer to conduct quality control of concrete piles in Montreal, QC. The pile elements under investigation were cast-in-place reinforced concrete piles with steel casing. Piles had a diameter of 1.3 m and were approximately 12 to 15 meter Deep.


Pile Integrity Testing for Quality Control

Quality Control of Foundations and Piles

Following communication with the client, a quality control procedure involving low strain impact integrity evaluation test (according to the ASTM D 5882) was proposed to the client. The surface of piles were prepared using a hand-held grinder to create a clean and smooth surface. Wireless pile integrity tester (i.Pile by FPrimeC) was used to conduct the pile integrity testing. Measurements were done in the field, and test results were analyzed.


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