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Seminar: Non-Destructive Testing and Evaluation of Structural Systems

Hamed Layssi will be leading a seminar on non-destructive testing and evaluation of structural systems at the PEO East Chapter event on May 21st

Event Details:

PEO East Toronto Chapter
40 Orchardview Blvd. Room 224. Toronto, ON
May 21, 6:15
Register in advance here:

Seminar Outline

In this seminar, various Nondestructive Testing (NDT) for cost-effective and reliable inspection and testing of various structural systems will be presented. These solutions help assess the integrity of critical infrastructure facilities, and help improve public safety, enhance the performance of the structure and reduce life-cycle costs.

Existing inspection methods are designed and developed based on reactive maintenance protocols. Visual inspection of structural components at element level has been the most widely used practice across a wide range of industries. While visual inspection provides a cost-effective method in identifying visible defects and damages, many subsurface defects remain unnoticed until very late stages. This is where non-destructive testing methods have the potential to improve existing inspection and evaluation practices.

In this seminar, we will briefly review some of the most widely used NDT methods for evaluation of structures and materials. Later, we will review how implementing these testing solutions can help engineers and owners in getting first-hand information about the “true” existing condition of the structures.

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