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Sonic / Ultrasonic Inspection
Electrical Resistivity Mapping
Corrosion Potential Mapping
Ground Penetrating Radar-GPR
2D / 3D Seismic Tomography
Infrared Thermography

Applications in Engineering Projects

Our non-destructive evaluation solutions can be used for different engineering projects

Non-destructive Evaluation of Concrete - Corrosion Inspection

Steel Corrosion

We provide the most advanced nondestructive test methods for evaluation of corrosion in concrete. Our test methods help identify and quantify corrosion activity without damaging the structure.
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Defects in Concrete

Nondestructive evaluation of defects in concrete has never been easier. Learn how our advanced engineering solutions can help you detect and quantify sub-surface deficiencies more efficiently.
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Evaluation of Durability

FPrimeC testing solutions can be used for nondestructive evaluation of concrete durability. Learn how our NDT methods can be used to detect and quantify different durability related issues.
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Structural Evaluation

FPrimeC provides advanced testing solutions for nondestructive evaluation of concrete structures. Our NDT methods can be used to evaluate concrete strength on-site, and modulus of elasticity.
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Concrete Thickness Measurement

FPrimeC Solutions offer nondestructive testing methods for the measurement of concrete thickness. Our methods are ideal for concrete linings of tunnels, trunk sewers, or retaining walls.
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Concrete Scanning and Imaging

FPrimeC Solutions advanced ground penetrating radar services for concrete scanning and imaging. Our nondestructive methods are ideal for detecting sub-surface voids, locate rebar or live conduit.
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Nondestructive Evaluation of Pile Length

We offer NDT methods for the measurement of concrete pile length. The service can be used to detect and measure the length of buried piles.
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Quality Control

Our innovative nondestructive evaluation methods are used as a means of quality control in construction projects involving cold weather concreting. We provide temperature and maturity monitoring services.
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