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Quality Control of Concrete Caissons

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Quality control of Concrete Caissons is a challenging task. Engineers, and contractors rely on experience and well-established procedures and test standards to verify the strength, and consistency of pile materials. Non-destructive testing help reveal potential defects that might have happened during pile casting (in the case of cast-in-place piles), or transportation and installation (in the case of precast piles).  Share on linkedin Share on facebook Share on twitter Share on… Read More »Quality Control of Concrete Caissons

Pile Head Surface Preparation

Practical Considerations in Pile Testing

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Pile Integrity Testing (PIT) is a non-destructive testing method for evaluating the unknown length and integrity of piles and deep foundations. The basic concept behind the technique is determining the velocity (required) and force (optional) response of pile induced by an impact device (normally, a handheld hammer). Pile Integrity Testing works best for long structural component such as driven concrete piles, cast-in place concrete piles, concrete filled steel pipe piles, timber piles,… Read More »Practical Considerations in Pile Testing

Reuse of existing piles and deep foundations

Reuse of Existing Piles – How NDT Can Help

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Safety, reliability and satisfactory performance of structures require a well-planned maintenance program, as well as remedial actions in short and mid-term. Existing structures that are designed in accordance with older design codes or were built by older construction practices may need to be extensively repaired, rehabilitated, or replaced within the next few years. The remedial actions may include structural and/or foundation upgrade or replacement. Reuse of existing piles and foundations is… Read More »Reuse of Existing Piles – How NDT Can Help

What is Pile Integrity Test _

What is Pile Integrity Test ?

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Share on linkedin Share on facebook Share on twitter Share on telegram Share on whatsapp Share on email Construction and installation of concrete piles and deep foundations is a challenging task. Problems may occur during the process, which in turn results in defects or anomalies such as: pile formation problems, concrete faults, and reinforcement installation issues. The resulting defects can negatively impact the durability and mechanical performance of the pile.… Read More »What is Pile Integrity Test ?

NDE-concrete piles

How to Evaluate Concrete Piles?

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Structure inspection manuals such as the Ontario Structure Inspection Manual (OSIM) mostly emphasizes on the visual inspection and physical condition of bridge structures. The visual inspection methodology in this guideline consists of close up visual assessment of defects in the superstructure and substructure. This methodology is limited to inspection of elements that are at the arms length. For elements with difficult access (i.e. long girders mid-span or deck over river or… Read More »How to Evaluate Concrete Piles?

Why and When to Use Concrete Piles?

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Concrete Piles and drilled shafts are an important category of foundations. Despite their relatively high cost, they become necessary when we want to transfer the loads of a a heavy superstructure (bridge, high rise building, etc.) to the lower layers of soil. Another reason for choosing a pile foundation is the condition and quality of soil layers. Based on how they transfer the load into the subsoil, piles can be… Read More »Why and When to Use Concrete Piles?