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Non-Destructive Testing for Structural Condition Assessment

Nondestructive Testing for Structural Assessment

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This articles describes how non-destructive testing can help structural engineers in the structural condition assessment of existing buildings, such as parking garages, condominiums, and other constructed facilities.  Share on linkedin Share on facebook Share on twitter Share on telegram Share on whatsapp Share on email Structural Condition Assessment usually refers to the process of collecting observations and data about the existing condition of the structure through systematic and scientific methods.… Read More »Nondestructive Testing for Structural Assessment

the future of bridge inspection

The Future of Bridge Inspection

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The Canadian Highway Bridge Design Code (S6-14, 2014) considers a service life of 75 years for newly constructed bridge. What does this mean in engineering terms? It means that the bridges of the future should have satisfactory performance, both durability and structural, during the proposed life-cycle. This can be quite challenging when we look closely; the environment and environmental loading (i.e. snow, freeze and thaw cycles, corrosion, earthquakes, etc.) can… Read More »The Future of Bridge Inspection

Common Defects in Bridge Structures

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The collapse of Ponte Morandi in Genoa, Italy (read more) and Florida International University pedestrian bridge (read more) have raised concerns about the safety and reliability of existing and new bridge structures. common Defects in bridge structures can affect the overall safety of the bridge structures. Different deterioration mechanisms can lead to major defects. Exiting infrastructure in developed countries are nearing the end of their initial service life design. According to the… Read More »Common Defects in Bridge Structures

inspection and evaluation of sructures

Ontario Structure Inspection Manual

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Ontario Structure Inspection Manual The Ontario Structure Inspection Manual has been used for bridge inspections in Ontario since 1985. The manual underwent significant modifications in the year 2000 (OSIM, 2008). This FAQ provides general definitions and terminology used in the OSIM 2008. [hrf_faqs]