Non-Destructive Testing & Evaluation for Structural Systems

Digital Inspection Solutions

    • Digital Inspection for Bridges and Buildings
    • Locate and Identify Structural Deficiencies
    • Location-based damage assessment
    • Drone Inspection (Read More)
    • Reality Capture for Construction
    • LiDAR – Laser Scanning

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Structural Condition Assessment

    • Building Inspection
    • Structural Condition Assessment of Existing Buildings 
    • Identify Structural Details (Rebar depth, size and spacing)
    • Assess Materials Characteristics 
    • Repair and Retrofit Design

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Bridge Inspections

    • Building Inspections (OSIM)
    • Bridge Deck Condition Survey
    • Structural Assessment of Piers and Girders
    • Nondestructive Testing of Bridge Decks
    • Repair Design

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Concrete Scanning and Imaging

    • Rebar Mapping by Ground Penetrating Radar 
    • Sub-surface scanning by Ultrasonic Pulse Tomography
    • Concrete thickness evaluation using Impact-Echo
    • Corrosion Potential Mapping
    • Concrete cover thickness evaluation

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Corrosion Inspection

    • Corrosion inspection of Parking Garages
    • Corrosion inspection of Bridge Decks
    • Half-Cell Corrosion Potential Mapping
    • Corrosion Rate Measurement
    • Service Life Design 

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Quality Control for Deep Foundations

    • Low Strain Pile Integrity Test (PIT)
    • Crosshole Sonic Logging (CSL) 
    • Crosshole Sonic Tomography 
    • Thermal Integrity Profiling (TIP)
    • High Strain Integrity Test (Pile Dynamic Analysis)

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Nondestructive Evaluation for Dams

    • Ground Penetrating Radar for Spillways
    • Ultrasonic Pulse Tomography
    • Impact-Echo and Impulse-Response Scanning
    • Seismic Tomography (2D and 3D)
    • Crack Depth Evaluation 

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Non Destructive Evaluation Of Concrete Defects

    • NDT-based Quality Control and Quality Assurance
    • Verify Uniformity and Homogeneity of Concrete
    • Estimate In-Place Concrete Strength
    • Assess Depth, Extent and Severity of Concrete Cracks
    • Nondestructive Evaluation of Cold Joints 
    • Determine Location of Delamination and Subsurface Defects

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Drone Visual Inspection

    • Visual inspection of Bridge Structures
    • Visual inspection of Silos and Towers
    • Drone Visual inspection of oil and gas facilities.
    • Assess Structural Integrity of remote towers. 

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Our customers have something to say

we successfully used iPile to assess the integrity of drilled shafts (piles) in Chile, and I am very happy with its performance. FPrimeC and their technical partners in South America provided us with great support which allowed us to deliver our projects on budget and on time.