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Protect constructed facilities around the globe.

We provide multidisciplinary engineering services to support our clients in minimizing capital expenditures, optimizing inspection and maintenance plans, achieve cost savings and providing the tools to pinpoint structural defects and quality issues in constructed facilities using the most advanced non-destructive testing technologies.

We work side-by-side with our client’s engineering teams to design and improve quality control, inspection and testing in a cost-effective framework, and achieve desired structural and durability performance, safety, and quality.

Structural Condition Assessment
Structural Assessment

We help asset owners and consulting engineers with technology-based structural condition assessment and material testing solutions.

NDT for Concrete (2)
Non-Destructive Testing

We provide the most advanced non-destructive testing solutions for inspection, testing, and quality control of concrete elements.

SHM for bridges
Structural Health Monitoring-SHM

We help customers with the design and implementation of advanced Structural Health Monitoring solutions for a wide range of structures.

iPile - Sensor
NDT Products

We design and manufacture innovative NDT tools for evaluation and assessment of concrete foundations, and structures. Discover FPrimeC iPile, the best NDT solution for pile Integrity.


FPrimeC Solutions

What Problems Can We Solve and Why Clients Come to Us

Bridge Inspection & Monitoring

FPrimeC provides advanced Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) and Structural Health Monitoring (SHM) solutions for structure inspection and condition assessment.


Concrete Imaging & Scanning

FPrimeC provides the most advanced imaging and scanning for structural concrete, including ground penetrating radar (GPR), ultrasonic tomography, ultrasonic pulse-echo (UPE), and impact-echo to identify and quantify sub-surface defects.

FPrimeC_Concrete Scanning and Imaging

Pile Integrity Test

FPrimeC offers innovative testing solutions for evaluating integrity of piles and deep foundation elements. We help customers with low strain impact integrity test, crosshole sonic logging, thermal integrity profiling, and parallel seismic tests.


Concrete Cracks & Structural Integrity

FPrimeC provides advanced inspection and monitoring solution to assess integrity and reliability of reinforced concrete elements, including beams, columns, slabs, post-tensioned girders, and mass foundations.


Corrosion Inspection & Monitoring

FPrimeC offers advanced NDT solutions for inspection and monitoring of corrosion in concrete structures, including bridge decks, parking garages, and industrial facilities.


Discover FPrimeC’s iPile : an integrated testing solution for pile integrity testing.  iPile helps geotechnical engineers, piling contractors, and material forensic experts with an excellent tool for assessment of quality and integrity in deep foundations and piles. 



Quality is the Best Business Plan.
inspection and testing of mass concrete foundation

FPrimeC Solutions conducted non-destructive tests on the foundation blocks of turbine generator in the Portlands Energy Centre. FPrimeC’s engineers helped us evaluate the extent of concrete cracking and delamination over the foundation blocks, in a cost effective and timely manner. I would highly recommend FPrimeC to other maintenance managers.

Tim Catherwood

Maintenance Manager, Portlands Energy Centre


Why Select FPrimeC?

We understand your requirement and provide quality engineering products and services

We work side-by-side with our client’s engineering teams to understand their needs, and design the best testing solutions


As a knowledge-based company, we have partnership with various research centres and universities across Canada.


We are an award-winning technology company with extensive research and industrial experience. Simply the best !


We deliver the most advanced testing solutions to bring an unmatched experience to our customers


We work closely with our clients to meet the project timelines! Our team is flexible and ready to deliver !


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We understand your requirement and provide quality works.

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Applications of Nondestructive Testing for Concrete Construction
Applications of Nondestructive Testing in Concrete Construction
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FPrimeC Solutions _ Crosshole Sonic Logging
What is Crosshole Sonic Logging?
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