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Monitoring of Ground-Borne Vibrations from Construction and Demolition

Ground-Borne Vibration can be a serious concern for any building or structure within or adjacent to a construction zone. These structures may be potentially impacted by vibrations emanating from construction activities such as demolition, compaction, excavation, blasting, pile-driving, and operating heavy earth-moving equipment. In extreme cases, the vibration can cause damage to adjacent buildings and create discomfort and annoyance for building occupants. This is a particular concern to heritage structures… Read More »Monitoring of Ground-Borne Vibrations from Construction and Demolition

Diagnostic Load Testing of Bridges

Bridge Diagnostic Load Testing

Load testing is a common practice among bridge engineers for the assessment of bridge safety and serviceability. Diagnostic load testing is one type of load test methods that can be used either as a means for estimating the load carrying capacity of an in-service bridge or as an acceptance test before the bridge is put into service [Olaszek et al, 2014]. This article provides a quick review to Diagnostic Load… Read More »Bridge Diagnostic Load Testing