Quality Control of Cold Joints in Concrete

Quality Control of Cold Joints in Concrete Construction

cold joint in concrete construction

FPrimeC was retained by Ellisdon to conduct quality control of cold joints in concrete construction in two Go Transit stations in the GTA. Non-destructive testing was used to assess the quality and integrity of concrete walls in Go Station developments in Miliken (MI) and Agincourt (AG) stations. The walls showed sign of cold joints. Client was interested to study if the presence of the cold joint affects the structural performance and integrity of the walls or not.

Non-Destructive Evaluation of Cold Joints

Ultrasonic Pulse Velocity in Cold JointsFPrimeC Solutions utilized a quality control procedure based on non-destructive evaluation of pulse velocity in concrete. Ultrasonic Pulse Velocity was used to conduct a comparative analysis of concrete quality on and around the cold joint area. The pulse velocity passing through concrete was compared to sound locations. The location of rebar was determined to avoid the negative impact of rebar on UPV measurements. The methodology is well described here.

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