Seismic Tomography of Mass Concrete Foundations

The Problem


mass concrete foundationFPrimeC was retained by GHD group to conduct advanced Seismic Tomography of Mass Concrete Foundations of gas turbines in the Bécancour Cogeneration Plant, QC. Cracking was observed in the mass concrete foundations. The objective of the study was to evaluate the existing condition of the massive concrete foundation blocks. Concrete foundations were appx 20 m by 8 m and had a height of appx. 7 m. It provided support to the gas and steam turbine. Concrete cracking was due to pyrite problems.

Ultrasonic Tomography of Mass Concrete Foundations

A non-destructive testing solution was designed involving seismic tomography of the mass concrete foundations. Acceleration sensors were installed at different faces of concrete blocks, and an impact was applied at different locations. signals were then collected for each set of impacts. Advanced mathematical solvers were used to evaluate the wave velocity at different locations of concrete. The quality of concrete was evaluated by studying the variation in the wave speed in different areas of concrete.