2 Techniques for Seismic Repair and Retrofit

Every structure has a service life -that is the expected lifetime, or the acceptable period of use in service. To ensure the smooth performance of the structure in its service life, a comprehensive maintenance plan is needed. Seismic Repair and retrofit is a core part of maintenance plan for areas with high seismic activity. In this article, Read more about 2 Techniques for Seismic Repair and Retrofit[…]

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Major Techniques for Modeling Shear Walls

Modeling Shear Walls Modeling shear walls have changes during the last two decades. Analyses techniques have moved from linear static to nonlinear dynamic, enabling more realistic modeling and simulations. Different approaches for modeling shear walls span from macro models such as modified beam-column elements, to micro models such as 3D finite element models. An appropriate modeling Read more about Major Techniques for Modeling Shear Walls[…]

Deficient Shear Walls

Deficient Concrete Shear Walls

Reinforced concrete shear wall structures constructed in the 1970’s or earlier suffer from a number of deficiencies in design and detailing. This is around the time when seismic provisions emerged in the design codes, and changed the traditional strength-based design philosophy (EVOLUTION OF DESIGN CODES). In this article, we will briefly review common problems with deficient Read more about Deficient Concrete Shear Walls[…]

Design of Concrete Shear Walls

Concrete Shear Walls Reinforced concrete (RC) shear walls have long been recognized as suitable structural systems, providing both lateral resistance and drift control in RC buildings. However older shear walls were typically designed mainly for combined actions of gravity loads and wind loading with no special seismic load consideration. Seismic provisions were only introduces in Read more about Design of Concrete Shear Walls[…]

Modeling Existing Shear Walls

Modeling existing shear walls can be quite challenging. The first question to ask is how far we want to go – and how much we want to spend on- when it comes to modeling a wall structure. The modeling can be as simple as a beam-columns element, or as complex as a nonlinear 3D finite Read more about Modeling Existing Shear Walls[…]

Reinforced Concrete Shear Walls

The chapter on seismic behavior and retrofit of existing reinforced concrete shear walls is still wide open. Researchers and engineers around the world are trying hard to develop new materials and innovative techniques for seismic upgrade of concrete structures. But why is this so important? Reinforced concrete shear walls have long been recognized as suitable Read more about Reinforced Concrete Shear Walls[…]

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