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Innovative Solutions for Structural Evaluation and Geotechnical Investigation


We assess the structural and durability performance of existing bridge and culvert structures. Our solutions can be used to detect deteriorated area, predict the extent of damages, and determine the as-built details of materials and structural components.


We use advanced wireless portable system for effective monitoring and measurement of corrosion probability (likelihood of corrosion), corrosion rate, and surface electrical resistivity of concrete for bridge structures, parking garages, industrial facilities, and other structures.


We offer advanced non-destructive testing methods for the assessment of pile integrity. The test methods can be either applied to existing concrete piles (where no structural documentation is available), or as a means of quality control for newly constructed piles.


We provide cost-effective, and rapid Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) scanning for sub-surface evaluation and mapping of concrete elements. Our GPR services can help clients with locating steel rebar in concrete bridge decks, as well as locating ducts, and conduits in different depths. This is especially important before major drilling and cutting.


We design and implement on-site evaluation of concrete strength, concrete thickness, and crack analysis, for various structures:

  • Detail Visual Inspection
  • Condition Assessment (Evaluation of Existing Structures)
  • Forensic Engineering
  • Repair and Retrofit Design

Crack analysis

Corrosion of steel rebar

Detecting location and extent of delamination

Surface defects such as Detect the location of honeycombing, Predict the mechanical properties of damaged concrete.


Our NDT methods can help evaluate the quality and durability of concrete materials, provide critical information about the extent of cracks, and strength of concrete. For older structures, our GPR scanning solutions help identify the location of reinforcement. Our NDT package for corrosion helps identify locations with high probability of corrosion in the tanks.


NDT Methods can improve the quality of routine inspection and maintenance and predict the remaining service life of the parking garage. We use UPV and pulse echo solutions to identify the location of voids and cracks; Half-cell corrosion mapping and Surface Electrical Resistivity tests for corrosion monitoring.


Our NDT solutions help owners with critical information about the thickness of existing lining, durability characteristics and performance of concrete material, and last but not least, strength of concrete. Our ultrasonic testing solution delivers the most accurate solution for thickness evaluation in these projects.

Some of Our Happy Clients


What are our clients are saying about us?

Jean Francois Smith Project Coordinator, Aecon Constructors

FPrimeC Solutions helped us with non-destructive evaluation of concrete walls at Darlington OPG. Their engineers were superbly technical in their evaluations. The customer service we were provided with generated a smoother, punctual assessment. FPrimeC provided us with invaluable support and knowledgeable judgement.

Oliver Lam Project Manager, Andrews Engineer

FPrimeC conducted a non-destructive evaluation of a 400-meter concrete trunk sewer for Andrews Engineer. Their engineers were able to measure the quality and estimate the thickness of the concrete wall, providing us with critical information on the existing condition of the trunk sewer. FPrimeC’s high quality comprehensive condition assessment was very valuable to us. I would highly recommend FPrimeC to other consultants and constructors.

Tim Catherwood Maintenance Manager, Portlands Energy Centre

FPrimeC Solutions conducted non-destructive tests on the foundation blocks of a turbine generator in Portlands Energy Centre. FPrimeC’s engineers helped us evaluate the extent of concrete cracking and delamination over the foundation blocks, in an extremely cost effective and timely manner. I would most definitely recommend FPrimeC to other maintenance managers.

Structural Inspection!

At FPrimeC Solutions, we are committed to bringing leading technologies and making the next generation of testing solutions that help our customers succeed.