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Product Showcase: Impact-Echo

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FPrimeC Impact-Echo Lottery

FPrimeC Impact-Echo

FPrimeC Impact-Echo is an integrated wireless solution that is designed to enhance user experience in evaluating the structural integrity of plate concrete elements. It is the first and only integrated impact-echo tester for wireless data collection, storage, analysis, plotting, & reporting.

FPrimeC Impact-Echo provides an intuitive mobile App data collection, analysis, contour plotting, and reporting.
The test can help structural engineers and nondestructive testing experts perform the impact-echo test with high precision and enhanced portability. It is empowered by FPrimeC’s proprietary machine learning core that will help the user in a more effective analysis of the frequency domain results.

FPrimeC impact-echo helps nondestructive testing professional and structural engineers with real-time analysis of impact-echo test results, develop 2D contour plots of thickness, identify the location of potential delamination, and use the Augmented Reality feature to visualize the test results on the concrete element on spot.

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