A New Standard in Pile Integrity Testing

i.Pile™ is an advanced wireless instrument for cost-effective and reliable evaluation of integrity and consistency of piles and deep foundations. It benefits from an advance low-voltage low-noise acceleration sensor and enhanced Bluetooth connectivity for extra precision and mobility. A rugged large screen (8") Samsung Galaxy S2 tablet comes with a powerful yet user friendly mobile application to make data collection and analysis easy and fun.
i.Pile™ helps engineers and field technicians expose potentially dangerous defects such as major cracks, necking, soil inclusions or voids in slender piles. Moreover, i.Pile™ can be used for determining unknown length of piles. i.Pile™ meets the requirements of ASTM D5882.


•   Evaluate integrity and consistency of pile material (concrete, timber);
•   Evaluate unknown length of piles, or shafts;
•   Evaluate pile cross-sectional area and length;


»  i.Pile™ Brochure
»  Technical Paper: A Spotlight on Pile Integrity Testing
»  Technical Paper: A Spotlight on Pile Integrity Testing-French
»  Technical Paper: A Spotlight on Pile Integrity Testing-Farsi

i.Pile™ - Pile Integrity Testing by FPrimeC Solutions
i.Pile™ - Wireless sensor
iPile Tablet unit

Wireless is just the beginning

i.Pile™ uses enhanced Bluetooth communication for transmitting acceleration data from the sensor to a mobile-based tablet. All you need to do is to place the i.Pile™ sensor over the pile head, hit the head by the hand-held hammer, and record and display acceleration data on the tablet.

i.Pile™ is equipped with innovative low voltage acceleration sensor that helps reduce ambient noise, and record acceleration data with high precision.

Signals at your fingertips

with 1.8 Ghz processing speed, and 3 Gb of RAM, you have all the processing power you need at your fingertips. i.Pile™ comes with a powerful and user-friendly app for data recording and analysis. Dynamic data visualization, and pile length measurement helps you obtain crucial information about pile integrity right on site.

Acceleration Range ±50 g
Frequency Range (±3db): 0.5 – 15000 Hz
Resonant Frequency > 31 kHz
Data Transmission Range 15m
Sampling Frequency 40 kHz
Sampling Resolution > 12bit
Low cut-off frequency 5000 Hz (-3db)
Temperature Range-Storage -20 to 65 ºC
Connectivity BLE 4.0
Internal Battery Life Time > 8 hours