i.Pile for Quality Control of Deep Foundations

i.Pile™ is an advanced wireless instrument for fast, cost-effective on-site evaluation of integrity and consistency of piles and deep foundations. i.Pile™ provides a reliable method for quality control and quality assurance of deep foundations. i.Pile™ complies with the requirements of ASTM D5882 "low strain impact integrity testing of deep foundations". i.Pile™ collects acceleration data for accurate and rapid evaluation of defects in new and existing piles. The test can be performed on a wide range of piles, such as cast-in-place concrete piles, driven shafts, and timber poles.


•   Detect Voids and Defects in Piles

•   Estimate Depth of Foundations

•   Detect Changes in Pile Cross-Section

i.Pile™ - Pile Integrity Testing by FPrimeC Solutions

Smart, Accurate, and Wireless

i.Pile™ is the next generation of wireless acceleration sensor that is more accurate, and reliable in the field. Advanced low-noise acceleration sensor helps engineers and field technicians test deep foundations with confidence, and in less time. i.Pile™ accurately captures acceleration records, digitize them, and transfer them in real-time to a portable data processing unit for further processing and storage.


Unique Features

•   Wireless connectivity using Bluetooth 4 technology
•   High Strength Housing
•   Extra Light and Portable


i.Pile™ - Pile Integrity Testing by FPrimeC Solutions

Intuitive, Easy and Rapid Analysis and Reporting

i.Pile™ comes with a powerful and smart mobile application designed for ease of use in the field, as well as the office. It has all the tools engineers need for data collection, data management, enhanced visualization, interpretation and analysis. Moreover, you can create professional engineering reports right from your tablet, ready for print, or share with your clients, or coworkers.


Unique Features

•   Rugged 8" Tablet with 32 Gb memory and 3 Gb of RAM;
•   Mobile Data Collection and Analysis App
•   Free and Easy Upgrade from Google Play Store

i.Pile™ - Pile Integrity Testing by FPrimeC Solutions