A New Standard in Pile Integrity Testing

i.Pile™ is an advanced wireless instrument for cost-effective and reliable evaluation of integrity and consistency of piles and deep foundations. It benefits from an advance low-voltage low-noise acceleration sensor and enhanced Bluetooth connectivity for extra precision and mobility. A rugged large screen (8") Samsung Galaxy S2 tablet comes with a powerful yet user friendly mobile application to make data collection and analysis easy and fun.
i.Pile™ helps engineers and field technicians expose potentially dangerous defects such as major cracks, necking, soil inclusions or voids in slender piles. Moreover, i.Pile™ can be used for determining unknown length of piles. i.Pile™ meets the requirements of ASTM D5882.

What is Pile Integrity Test?

Pile Integrity Testing (PIT) is a non-destructive testing method for evaluating the integrity of piles and deep foundations. The basic concept behind the technique is determining the velocity (required) and force (optional) response of pile induced by an impact device (normally, a handheld hammer). Pile Integrity Testing works best for long structural components such as driven concrete piles, cast-in place concrete piles, concrete filled steel pipe piles, timber piles, or slender structural columns.


•   Evaluate integrity and consistency of pile material (concrete, timber);
•   Evaluate unknown length of piles, or shafts;
•   Evaluate pile cross-sectional area and length;


»  i.Pile™ Brochure
»  Technical Paper: A Spotlight on Pile Integrity Testing

i.Pile™ - Pile Integrity Testing by FPrimeC Solutions