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Technical Training and Support

Technical Training and Support

As a knowledge-based technology company,  we take pride in providing our customers with the best technical training and support in every step of their iPile journey. As a customer, you receive best-in-class technical training from the experienced and senior engineers. The technical training and support packages are offered in different languages, online, on-site, and in the field.*

Investing in Your Team

We are proud to be a knowledge-based company! FPrimeC Solutions has developed a strong culture of Research and Development (R&D), where innovation and disruption is at the core of every product and engineering service that is offered. Our innovative engineers and researchers bring in their extensive research and industrial experience to train you and your teams. We help you learn:

  • ✅ Technical Review of Pile Integrity Test
  • ✅  Review of underlying concepts
  • ✅  Hands-on experience on the device
  • ✅  How to use your i.Pile instrument efficiently
  • ✅  Practical considerations on pile integrity testing


Training On and Off the Field

At FPrimeC Solutions, we take training our customers very serious. We provide customers with an unmatched technical training for field investigation using our iPile and pile integrity tester. Furthermore, we help customers with the essential technical skills that is required to collect good quality signal, appropriate signal processing and filtering techniques and interpretation of test results. Customers will learn:

  • ✅ How to prepare a job site for a smooth test plan
  • ✅ How to take different soil conditions into account
  • ✅ Gain confidence in understanding and interpretation of pile integrity test results
  • ✅ Data interpretation and preparing professional engineering reports
  • ✅ Receive Certificate of Technical Training (CTT)