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Recent Projects

FPrimeC Solutions provides consultants, contractors, and asset owners with advanced non-destructive testing solutions for cost-effective evaluation and testing of concrete structures and infrastructure facilities.

Since 2016, FPrimeC have helped +100 customers in More than 4 provinces across Canada. We help customers in transportation infrastructure (bridges and tunnels), mines, power generating stations (hydro, gas, and nuclear), dams and hydraulic structures, water and waste water facilities, transmission lines, and telecommunication towers.

Our solutions provide cost-effective, and reliable means for the assessment of integrity and quality in new and existing structures. This category has a quick look at our notable works, as well as our most recent projects.

Non-destructive Testing of Steel Tank

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Scope FPrimeC was hired by to perform visual inspection and non-destructive testing of a Steel Tank in a Hospital, in Lindsay. ON. The Steel Tank had signs of earlier corrosion (repaired) and existing repair. Potential leaks were observed at the intersection of valves and the steel shell. Digital inspection was proposed to record the condition of the interior and exterior of the tank shell. Non-destructive Testing involved Magnetic Particle Examination… Read More »Non-destructive Testing of Steel Tank

FPrimeC Condition Assessment for Underground Structure - Concrete Roof

Condition Assessment for Underground Structure

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Scope FPrimeC was hired by an asset management company to perform non-destructive testing for structural Condition Assessment for Underground Structure in Yorkton, Saskatchewan. The structure under investigation was a underground room primarily used as fitness centre. The roof was a One-Way reinforced Concrete Slab supported over concrete beams. Concrete slab showed sign of moderate corrosion and leakage at several locations. 1- Digital Inspection of Parking Structure Due to the relatively… Read More »Condition Assessment for Underground Structure

NDT based Quality Assurance of Conctrete Structures

In-Place Estimate of Concrete Strength

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Scope FPrimeC was engaged by Aecon to estimate the in-place concrete strength for a massive concrete structure in a gold mine construction in Northern Ontario. Due to complex reinforcement configuration, the concrete was not consolidated properly. The complex geometry of the silo bin, and embedded steel plates was another challenge in the quality assurance and strength evaluation. The main objective was to minimize the number of cores through implementation of… Read More »In-Place Estimate of Concrete Strength

Non-Destructive Evaluation of Settling Basin Structure

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Scope FPrimeC Solutions Inc. was hired by a steel company in Hamilton, Ontario to perform digital visual inspection, and non-destructive evaluation (NDE) of the concrete settling basin structure. The exterior walls, as well as the soffit of the settling basin showed sign of cracking, and potential leakage. Soffit areas also showed sign of moderate delamination. The main objective of the project was to evaluate the present condition of the concrete… Read More »Non-Destructive Evaluation of Settling Basin Structure

St Mary's Home Ottawa Digital Inspection of Facade-resize

Digital Inspection of Façade – Brick Veneer

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Scope FPrimeC Solutions Inc. (“FPrimeC” hereinafter) has been engaged by St. Mary’s Home (“Client” hereinafter) to perform Digital Inspection of façade – Brick Veneer in a 2-storey building in Ottawa, ON. The façade consisted of brick veneer and mortar, small ceramic tiles, and windows. Digital Inspection Solution 1- 360 Camera A 360-degree camera with a telescopic extension arm was used to inspect the existing defects (at height) in real-time. Photos… Read More »Digital Inspection of Façade – Brick Veneer

FPrimeC Inspection and Assessment of Maintenance Hole_Resize

Assessment of Maintenance Hole

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Scope FPrimeC was hired by the client to conduct a digital Inspection and Assessment of the Maintenance Hole and Valve Chamber using non-destructive testing and evaluation methods. The maintenance hole was made of precast concrete elements with an overall depth of 8 m. The existing manhole and the valve chamber were located at a construction site (LRT development in Ottawa), and the client was interested to assess their reliability and integrity… Read More »Assessment of Maintenance Hole

FPrimeC Reality Capture 360 Video - Resize

Digital Inspection of Parking Structure

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Scope FPrimeC was hired by the Town of Oakville to perform an intelligent digital inspection and non-destructive evaluation of concrete at a parking structure in downtown Oakville, ON. The parking structure had 4 levels including a basement and a roof level. The structure consisted of precast concrete walls, columns, and beams. The main flooring system consisted of prestressed concrete double tee beams connected using steel connectors. Several joints showed signs… Read More »Digital Inspection of Parking Structure

Non-destructive Evaluation Concrete Cobre Panama

Panama Mine Inspection

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Scope FPrimeC Solutions Inc. has been engaged by First Quantum Mineral Ltd. to perform digital inspection and non-destructive evaluation  of concrete at Cobre Panama facility in Panama. The concrete foundations showed sign of minor cracks. The main objective of the project was to evaluate the present condition of the concrete concrete foundation. The non-destructive evaluation was performed at several foundation piers. The Solution 1- Visual Inspection Visual condition of concrete… Read More »Panama Mine Inspection

Corrosion inspection of Concrete Beam

Corrosion Inspection of Concrete Beam

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Scope FPrimeC was hired by a client’s consultant to perform corrosion inspection of concrete beam in an industrial food factor in Simcoe, ON. The concrete beam had partially been repaired in the past; however, the patched repair area had failed. The main objective was to study if the corrosion of steel bars is local, or the corrosion has extended to other areas on the concrete slab. Our Solution A team… Read More »Corrosion Inspection of Concrete Beam

Crack Depth Measurement in Bridge Soffit

Estimate Concrete Crack Depth

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Scope FPrimeC Solutions Inc. has been engaged to estimate concrete crack depth on a bridge soffit in the GTA. The main objective of the project was to evaluate the depth of surface openings in a severely cracked concrete soffit. Several measurements were performed to evaluate the depth profile of the cracks along their existing length. Our Solution More than 70 individual cracks were identified over the soffit. Cracks were 0.3… Read More »Estimate Concrete Crack Depth