Detailed Bridge Condition Survey & Corrosion Monitoring


    The Problem

    FPrimeC was retained by customer conduct detailed bridge condition survey and corrosion monitoring on the Rideau Ferry Bridge in Perth, ON. The 170 m bridge structure had 7 spans, and consisted of a 225 mm reinforced concrete.

    Detailed Bridge Condition Survey

    Special traffic control was planned and implemented to secure the job site for engineers, and sub-contractors. Detailed bridge condition survey involve cutting concrete at different locations on the bridge deck to verify the condition of steel rebar. Concrete core samples were extracted at different locations in each lane to verify the chloride content, air content, and estimate concrete compressive strength. Concrete was repaired following the completion of the inspection.


    Half-Cell Corrosion Potential Mapping

    Half-Cell corrosion potential mapping was conducted on the entire bridge deck. Connections to steel reinforcement was established and verified at reference check points. The test was conducted on a grid spacing of 1.2 m along the length and width of the bridge. The test also covered the pedestrian sidewalk and the curbs.

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