FPrimeC Solutions Inc. was engaged by the client to estimate the in-place concrete strength for various structural members in York University through a non-destructive testing and evaluationg program. The main objective was to provide realistic estimate of concrete strength for upgrading and rehabilitation of various structural members, such as Columns, Shear Walls, and Concrete Slabs.


    The structure under investigation was a moment frame reinforced concrete structure. The structure was in operation at the time of investigation. A combined procedure involving the use of Rebound Hammer and Ultrasonic Pulse Velocity was used to provide an estimate of concrete strength. The investigation involved a validation process by extracting concrete cores from concrete elements, and testing them for compressive strength. At select test locations, both rebound hammer, and UPV test and concrete coring was performed to establish a project-specific relationship. The relationship was then used to estimate the compressive strength at all other locations where only the rebound hammer test was deployed. The methodology helped significantly minimize the number of concrete cores needed, which shortened the investigation timeline, the downtime of the rooms and office areas.