Inspection of Parking Garage Structure
    Gatineau, Quebec


    The Problem

    FPrimeC was retained by customer for the inspection of parking garage structure in Gatineau, Quebec. Signs of severe corrosion were observed underneath the roof of the parking garage structure. The roof element was a 6″ concrete slab supported by main girders. Significant corrosion led to delamination and cover spalling across the slab. Steel reinforcement was severely corroded (loss of cross section was noticed).


    Non-Destructive Test (NDT) Plan for Corrosion Monitoring

    Following communication with the client, and initial site visit, a comprehensive test plan was designed and proposed to the client. The plan involved a comprehensive Visual Inspection of the concrete slab and main girders. This was followed by conducting Half-Cell corrosion potential mapping on a large area underneath the slab to identify areas with high likelihood of active corrosion, and evaluate the extent of damages.

    Additional tests were proposed to better evaluate the existing condition of concrete slab. Concrete cores were extracted from different areas on the slab to determine chloride content in different depths within the slab. Half-Cell corrosion potential maps were used to identify the location of these cores. Additional cores were taken and tested for visual condition of existing cracks, and determine the strength of concrete.

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