FPrimeC Solutions Inc. (“FPrimeC” hereinafter) has been engaged by St. Mary’s Home (“Client” hereinafter) to perform Digital Inspection of façade – Brick Veneer in a 2-storey building in Ottawa, ON. The façade consisted of brick veneer and mortar, small ceramic tiles, and windows.

    Digital Inspection Solution

    1- 360 Camera

    A 360-degree camera with a telescopic extension arm was used to inspect the existing defects (at height) in real-time. Photos and video footages were taken to document the existing defects. Moreover, a DSLR camera with tele lenses was used to study the surface defects that were out of reach. Where needed, photos were taken from the defects.

    2- Digital Inspection

    An intelligent digital inspection solution was used to record the location, extent, and severity of existing defects. This platform enables the client, and its consultants and contractors get access to the specific details of each anomaly. Moreover, it provided location-based damage detection which  helped FPrimeC reduce the inspection timeline significantly and meet/exceed the precision of traditional inspection methods for façade.

    A Lidar developed 3D schematic of the asset enabled FPrimeC to collect precise length and height information, which was essential in evaluating the repair costs.