Non-Destructive Evaluation of Concrete Foundations


    The Problem

    FPrimeC was retained by customer for the inspection and testing of wind turbine foundation elements at the Henvey Inlet Wind Project. The objective was to verify the quality and integrity of the foundation elements using non-destructive testing methods. Foundtaion elements were 2.5 m deep, and had an average radius of 5.8m.

    Non-Destructive Testing and Evaluation

    Following communication with the client, a comprehensive test plan was designed and proposed to verify the quality and integrity at the HIW project. The plan involved a comprehensive Visual Inspection of the concrete foundation, followed by a series of non-destructive testing. A multi-technology approach was used to verify different aspects of quality and integrity. Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) was used to verify the as-built condition of steel reinforcement, while Ultrasonic Pulse Velocity, Ultrasonic Pulse Echo, and Rebound Hammer were utilized to evaluate the homogeneity of concrete, quality of materials, and integrity of the foundation.

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