in Gatineau, QC,

    The Problem

    FPrimeC was retained by Résolu Produits forestiers in Gatineau, QC, to conduct non-destructive evaluation of concrete tank. The oxygen reactor was a rectangular concrete tank with overall dimensions of 80m x 40m, and a height of approximately 5 m. Horizontal, vertical and diagonal cracks were observed in the exterior surface of concrete. Client was interested in a comprehensive of existing condition of the structure, and possible repair solutions.

    The main objective of this investigation project is to:

    • Locate, Identify, and measure existing cracks (arm-length visual inspection)
    • Evaluate depth of cracks using NDT methods
    • Evaluate the extent of existing cracks
    • Prepare preliminary maintenance plan for concrete walls of the Oxygen Reactor structure

    The solution

    The field work involved close-up inspection of existing cracks and surface defects on the concrete walls and performing non-destructive evaluation of concrete tank in select locations. The following non-destructive testing (NDT) methods were used in this inspection program:

    • Ultrasonic Pulse Velocity (UPV) for estimation of depth of cracks
    • Ultrasonic Pulse Echo for evaluation of thickness of concrete walls
    • Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) for evaluation of steel rebar layout, and estimation of cover thickness