FPrimeC Solutions was engaged by Veresk Inc. to conduct Non-Destructive Evaluation of GO Transit Bridge (10.67 Thickson Rd. Bridge), in Whitby, Ontario. The bridge is part of the GO transit train railway route running from Oshawa to downtown Toronto.

    The Problem

    Significant cracking was observed on the concrete slab on or around the supports and the abutment walls. The cracks were partly inclined, and very close to the edge of the slab with limited access on the soffit and from underneath. The main objective of non-destructive evaluation project was to determine the depth and extent of cracks in the concrete slab, and to assess concrete quality.

    The Solution: Ground Penetrating Radar and Seismic Tomography 

    FPrimeC conducted a detail Visual Inspection to identify visible cracks on concrete surface. Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) was used to assess the location of steel rebar and potential post-tensioning cables. Seismic Tomography was uses to study the current state of the cracks.