Nondestructive Evaluation of Concrete Wall at Coleman Mine |  Levack, Ontario | May 2018


    FPrimeC Solutions was engaged by Komri Engineering and Quatro Industries Ltd to conduct nondestructive evaluation of concrete walls supporting the hoist (for transportation to the mine) and other mechanical equipment at Coleman Mine near Levack, Ontario.

    The Problem

    Cracking was observed on exterior and interior walls. The main objective of the NDT/NDE was to evaluate the existing condition of concrete cracks, crack depth, and identifying potential subsurface defects.

    NDT/NDE Inspection

    Following a comprehensive Visual Inspection to identify visible cracks on concrete surface, FPrimeC conducted crack depth evaluation and concrete quality using Ultrasonic Pulse Velocity (UPV) method, and Rebound Hammer (Schmidt hammer) to evaluate the mechanical stiffness.