Nondestructive Evaluation of Parking Garage in Residential Condominium  Thornhill, Ontario | Mar 2018

    FPrimeC Solutions was engaged by condominium owner to conduct non-destructive testing on the 46,000 sq ft. concrete slab (2 level parking structure).

    The Problem
    The main objective of this investigation was to evaluate the condition of concrete slab underneath mastic, identify potential corrosion, and delamination underneath the mastic.

    NDT/NDE Inspection
    Following a comprehensive Visual Inspection of the slabs, walls, columns, and beams, a combination of Ground Penetrating RadarUltrasonic Pulse Velocity, and Ultrasonic Pulse Echo were used to study the slab for possible delamination. Half-Cell corrosion potential test was conducted on slabs, walls and beams to understand the corrosion activity. Concrete cores were taken from the slabs to evaluate the strength, chloride content and carbonation.