Quality Control - Scanning and Imaging of Concrete Slab on Grade

    The Problem

    FPrimeC was retained by Golder Associates to perform Scanning and Imaging of Concrete Slab on Grade elements in Pickering, ON as part of the quality control process. Concrete slab was approximately 22 m x 20 m and 400 mm thick. Concreting was done in a cold day (with temperatures lower than 5 C), and the consultant was concerned regarding presence of voids close to the edges.

    Scanning and Imaging of Concrete Slab on Grade

    Two different non-destructive testing solutions were performed for the quality control of the slab on grade elements:

    The two test procedures were used for scanning and imaging of concrete slab. Ultrasonic Pulse Echo is capable of showing defects such as voids, honeycombing, as well as the back end of the slab. Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) is able to identify the location of steel reinforcement, and uncover potentially large voids.