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Advanced Structural Monitoring Solutions

Structural Health Monitoring

FPrimeC Solutions offers Advanced Structural Health Monitoring (SHM) Solutions for real-time, safe, and reliable maintenance of critical structures, such as bridges, tunnels, mines, and power plants. We design, develop, and implement automated warning systems and characterization strategies for online remote monitoring the structure condition.

Our job is to help customers translate sensor data into meaningful structural data that can be used for decision making, and proper maintenance planning. Our structural engineers and SHM experts work closely with customers to design and deploy the most efficient remote monitoring system for real-time assessment of structural condition.

FPrimeC SHM solutions provide a useful tool to:

  • Prevent Unexpected Shut-Downs
  • Detect the initiation or evolution of existing damage
  • Increase Operational Reliability and Public Safety
  • Monitor Real-Time Performance of Structures
  • Minimize Life-Cycle Costs
  • Prioritize Maintenance Budget


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Structural Instrumentation and Diagnostic Load Testing

FPrimeC Solutions provides Structural Instrumentation and Diagnostic Load Testing to establish a comparison between the test actual response of structure and analytical calculation. Our structural instrumentation and monitoring service includes controlled load testing of a variety of structures such as bridges, dams, and buildings under controlled load condition.

We offer expert engineering advice on the selection of sensor network (instrumentation layout) for every specific project. Whether your project objective is monitoring deck vibration in a bridge structure, or evaluating load distribution in a beam girder of a building, we help you get the most cost-effective sensor network that is right for your job.

FPrimeC diagnostic load testing service can help customers with:

  • Validation of design assumptions
  • Calibration of analytical models
  • Capacity assessment of the elements being tested
  • Load rating evaluation


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Vibration Monitoring during Construction Activities

FPrimeC Solutions offers Vibration Monitoring and Assessment of Ground Vibration during construction activities such as blasting, pile driving, vibratory compaction and demolition. Our vibration monitoring solution can help construction companies record and monitor vibration on construction site, and have the ability to adjust construction activities before regulatory limits are exceeded.

Our generic monitoring system can be carried out from the beginning of any project, with real-time alerts for the construction crew. FPrimeC vibration monitoring solution offers:

  • Prevent project downtime due to community complaints
  • Provide 24/7 access to event data
  • Identify vibration zone of influence (ZOI)
  • Prevent damage to nearby buildings and structures
  • Estimate the potential vibration levels of the equipment


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