Concrete Repair and Rehabilitation

    Fprimec offers concrete repair and restoration services to strengthen your damaged structural and non-structural concrete. For our expertise Contact us today!

    Repair and Retrofit

    FPrimeC Provides a wide range of repair and rehabilitation solutions for concrete structures.  We work closely with customers to identify the location, extent and nature of existing deficiencies, and review performance objectives for the service life of the asset. Our engineers then review various repair and retrofit solutions to restore structural and durability performance of the asset. FPrimeC provides expert advice on the following areas:

    • Advanced diagnostics : Locate and Quantify Extent of Defects;
    • Review and determine the capacity of the existing structure;
    • Work with client to identify performance objective;
    • Review various repair and/or retrofit solutions, perform cost/benefit analysis;
    • Refine repair design,
    • Provide drawings for construction
    • Provide repair and construction management
    • Provide post-repair quality assurance and quality audits

    Innovative Repair and Retrofit Solutions

    • Strengthening using Carbon Fibre Reinforced Polymers (CFRP) Retrofit for Beams, Columns, and Slabs;
    • Strengthening using Concrete Jacketing for Columns
    • Advanced fibre reinforced self consolidating concrete jackets for enhanced ductility and seismic repair 
    • Advanced Seismic Evaluation and Repair

    FPrimeC Provides a wide range of advanced repair and rehabilitation solutions for concrete structures.