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Concrete Scanning and Imaging

FPrimeC Solutions provides the most innovative, rapid, and cost-effective non-destructive testing solutions for concrete scanning and imaging on a wide range of engineering projects, including GPR rebar locating, detecting sub-surface defects and anomalies.

Our NDT solutions can help customers with surface and sub-surface inspection and monitoring of concrete:

  • Ground Penetrating Radar – GPR
  • Ultrasonic Scanning and Imaging
    • Ultrasonic Pulse-Echo
    • Impact-Echo
    • Ultrasonic Tomography
  • Half-Cell Corrosion Mapping
  • Surface Electrical Resistivity
Concrete Scanning and Imaging using Ultrasonic Tomography

Ground Penetrating Radar for Rebar Scannig

FPrimeC Solutions provides expert data collection & superior ground penetrating radar solutions tailored to your unique challenge. Weather you are scanning concrete to locate rebar, or using GPR to identify and locate sub-surface defects, our NDT experts can help you.

  • Pinpoint Structural Detail
    • locate steel rebar
    • locate post-tensioning tendons
    • locate conduits and pipes
    • estimate the cover thickness
    • estimate concrete thickness
  • Detect Sub-Surface Voids
    • identify location of major voids
    • locate cavities beneath slab-on-grade

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FPrimeC Non-destructive Testing of Wind Turbine Foundation - GPR
Concrete Scanning and Imaging

Ultrasonic Tests for Concrete Scanning

FPrimeC Solutions provides advanced ultrasonic testing solutions to scan existing surface defects (crack depth), and pinpoint sub-surface defects and anomalies.

  • Crack Depth Measurement
    • Evaluate depth and width of surface cracks
    • Quantitative analysis of extent of concrete cracking and damage index
    • Quality Control/Quality Assurance of Cold Joints
  • Detect Sub-Surface Voids and Defects
    • identify location of major voids
    • identify extent of Honeycombing
    • identify homogeneity and consistency issues 

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Ultrasonic Scanning of Concrete

Half-Cell Corrosion Potential Mapping

We offer the most advanced corrosion inspection and monitoring solutions to assess potential performance issues that can be induced by chloride (salt) induced corrosion. We provide unmatched suite of technologies:

  • Half-Cell Corrosion Potential Mapping (ASTM C876)
  • Corrosion Rate Measurement and Mapping
  • Surface Electrical Resistivity Scanning
  • Concrete Cover Thickness Measurement


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Structural Condition Assessment
Parking Garage Half-Cell Corrosion Potential Map

Advanced Concrete Scanning and Imaging

Cost-effective NDT solutions for detecting hidden defects