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Drone Visual Inspection

FPrimeC Solutions provides drone solutions for remote visual inspection of a wide range of structural system. Our drones are a cost-effective and reliable means for visual inspection of structures where access is challenging. 

At FPrimeC, we work closely with asset owners and maintenance managers to design the most cost-effective visual inspection program using our advanced drones.

  • Visual inspection of Bridge Structures
  • Visual inspection of Silos and Towers
  • Drone Visual inspection of oil and gas facilities
  • Assess Structural Integrity of remote towers 
Digital Inspection

Drone Visual Inspection

We offer the a rapid, and cost-effective alternative for many visual inspection projects:

  • Reach out to remote areas and components without any special setup.
  • Ideal for rapid screening of critical components
  • Evaluate the condition of coatings and paint
  • Assess the surface condition of concrete
  • Inspection of concrete cracks


FPrimeC Visual Inspection of Bridge Using Drones_Resize