Structural Condition Assessment

    FPrimeC Solutions provide smart and innovative solutions for Structural Condition Assessment of Existing Buildings and Designated Structures. 

    Our experienced engineering team will work closely with you to identify project objectives, and design and execute preliminary assessments and detailed assessment.

    We provide comprehensive solutions for document review, walk-through visual inspection and recording, as well as detailed assessment using the most advanced Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) solutions. Where needed by the owner, or authorities, FPrimeC offer cost-effective and reliable intrusive and non-intrusive tests for the purpose of structural condition assessment.

    Our Engineers follow the guidelines of Professional Engineers Ontario (PEO) and Ontario Structure Inspection Manual (OSIM).

    Preliminary Condition Assessment

    During the preliminary condition assessment, we can help customers with:

    • Study of Documents and Existing Evidence
    • Preliminary Site Assessment
      • Visual Inspection
      • Monitor and Identify Sign of Structural Damage
      • Identify deterioration mechanisms
      • Identify the building use and deviation from original intended use
    • Preliminary numerical analysis
    • Reporting
    • Decision on Immediate Actions
    • Recommendation for Detailed Assessment

    Detailed Condition Assessment

    FPrimeC offers a wide range of inspection and testing solutions for the detailed condition assessment of concrete structures. We help customers with:

    • Detailed Document Search and Review
    • Systematic and Scientific Examination of Building
    • Materials Testing
      • Non-Destructive Testing
      • Intrusive Methods
    • Structural Analysis, and Assessing Compliance with NBCC
    • Report and Repair Recommendations


    Non-Destructive Tests

    FPrimeC is a On-Stop shop for all of your non-destructive testing and evaluation. We offer the most advanced testing solutions for rapid, reliable and cost-effective evaluation of materials and structural details:


    Intrusive Tests

    We want to make it One-Stop shop for you. That is why we provide you with all the intrusive work you might need along the way:

    • Extracting Concrete Cores and Asphalt Sawn Samples
    • Determine Chloride Content and Chloride Profile
    • Determine Air Void Content in Concrete
    • Evaluate Concrete Compressive Strength

    Your Particular Structure NEEDs Particular Solution

    If you are the owner, or maintenance manager of capital intensive assets, such as dams, power stations, power plants, or an industrial facility, you might come across complex engineering problems. That is where FPrimeC’s experience and expertise can help you. Here is where we can help our customers:

    • Parking Garage Structures
    • Heritage and Older Buildings