How to Estimate Strength of Concrete Using NDT Methods

How To Estimate Strength of Concrete Using NDT Methods?

In this article, we will briefly review how to Estimate Strength of Concrete Using NDT Methods. Compressive strength of concrete is by far the most important property of concrete. It represents the mechanical properties of concrete; for example, the 28 days compressive strength of concrete cylinders is the key parameter in most design codes (ACI 318-14, CSA Read more about How To Estimate Strength of Concrete Using NDT Methods?[…]

Deterioration of Concrete-Feature Image

Deterioration of Concrete Structures

Why concrete structures fail? Concrete has long been known as a reliable construction material, but deficiencies in material selection, detailing, and design can affect the service life of Concrete. Deterioration of concrete structures can become a challenge for the owners of these structures. It is important to identify these defects on time, and plan appropriate Read more about Deterioration of Concrete Structures[…]


Ultrasonic Pulse Velocity

We start our notes on NDT method for condition assessment of infrastructure facilities by presenting the Ultrasonic Pulse Velocity – UPV method. The UPV is the one of the most basic acoustic techniques, however, it remains an effective and reliable test method for quality control of concrete materials, and detecting damages in structural components. The Read more about Ultrasonic Pulse Velocity[…]

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