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3 Methods for Crack Depth Measurement in Concrete

Evaluation of existing surface cracks is normally done during the visual inspection of structures. Crack opening on the surface of concrete is normally measured using a crack gauge. Depending on the opening of the cracks on the surface, cracks can be described (as tiny as hairline, or cracks with a few millimeters opening); however, this procedure does not provide enough information about the depth of these cracks. Different techniques have… Read More »3 Methods for Crack Depth Measurement in Concrete

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Deterioration of Concrete Structures

Why concrete structures fail? Concrete has long been known as a reliable construction material, but deficiencies in material selection, detailing, and design can affect the service life of Concrete. Deterioration of concrete structures can become a challenge for the owners of these structures. It is important to identify these defects on time, and plan appropriate repair strategies. In this article, we will review some of the most famous deterioration mechanisms. In… Read More »Deterioration of Concrete Structures