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3 Methods for Crack Depth Measurement in Concrete

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Cracking is a common observation in concrete structures. Cracks can be a result of plastic shrinkage, or constructional movements. Moreover, cracks can happen as a result of overloading concrete elements, or creep. Chemical reactions such as alkali-aggregate reactions and corrosion can induce cracking. Material and Structural engineers are interested in the main reasons behind concrete cracks, and determine the extent and severity of existing cracks. Two parameters are often used… Read More »3 Methods for Crack Depth Measurement in Concrete


Deterioration of Concrete Structures

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Deterioration of reinforced concrete structures can happen for a number of reasons. Physical and Chemical processes can impact durability and structural performance of the concrete. Defects in design, materials, workmanship, curing and maintenance can all impact the service life, safety and reliability of an element. In this article, we will review some of the most common types of deterioration mechanisms in concrete. Share on linkedin Share on facebook Share on… Read More »Deterioration of Concrete Structures